On demand we can project a delivery chain according to each client needs. To make it happen efficiently, we apply JUST-IN-TIME system (JiT), due to which within working hours of the deliverers and recipients transported loads are delivered directly to an assembly line, it helps to manage your products in order to improve the return from the investment by reduction of stock in the whole production – stocking process and costs it generates. JUST-IN-TIME deliveries allow to lower stock cost, moreover, negotiated delivery conditions and coordination of activities are beneficial for the clients while concerning optimization, production type and size, kind of delivery and its frequency, and transport routes.

This system requires good planning skills, flexibility in thinking and on the spot reactions in tough situations. JIT imposes a strict discipline, perfect functionality and reliability of the entire logistics (supply – production – distribution – service) thanks to which fruitful cooperation is possible.

Benefits of JIT:

  • elimination of raw materials and semi-products on stock,
  • reduction of ready product stocks,
  • increase in number of deliveries, speed of realization,
  • quality provision in case of short term products or those subjected to disadvantageous processes in stocking.

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